Wollemi Pine
This is the third year and final year of the Friends’ Wollemi Pine Propagation Project. The Wollemi have been grown locally and are only available for sale on the Friends’ website. There were only 132 trees grown as part of this project. These incredibly robust and healthy Wollemi Pines are in 200mm and 300mm pots and make a unique specimen as a patio or garden tree. They will be aged two and a half to three years by April 2023: • 200mm Small (40 - 70cms) $185 • 200mm (60 - 100cms) $295 • 300mm (90 - 120cms) $395 You can choose a date for pickup from the dates provided or you can arrange an alternative pickup time by negotiation. The Wollemi also travel well, as visitors to the Arboretum have purchased and transported them by car to destinations such as Brisbane, Sydney, Figtree, Ballarat, and Melbourne. Read the story of two that travelled to Brisbane – 2500 km over 9 days. Each Wollemi package includes: 1. Wollemi Pine tree - in excellent condition. 2. Plant Tag - showing the Friends’ licence number, PL20222, issued under Section 273 of the Nature Conservation Act of 2014 and the tree number in the Arboretum’s Wollemi Pine Forest 32 from which the seed originated. 3. Certificate of Authenticity – with a QR code enabling you to enter the tree number and identify of the parent tree in Wollemi Pine Forest 32. 4. Brochure - describing the FNAC Wollemi Pine Propagation Project and giving care instructions for growing your Wollemi. 5. Box of Wollemi Seed Bracts – as a souvenir (or used as mulch when re-potting) The FNAC Wollemi Pine Propagation Project supports the preservation of this critically endangered and iconic Australian conifer species and the funds raised go towards future Arboretum projects.
PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to deliver Wollemi Pines. Please select a day for collection from the Arboretum’s Village Centre